#LetsTalkIoT - IoT is like an onion !?

... onions have layers and IoT has layers. And both sometimes make you wanna cry. When people talk about IoT, they often only have the device in mind. However, there is more to the successful and secure operation of IoT devices and services. During the webinar, we will break down the various puzzle pieces of an IoT service through the security lens - structured by lifecycle and implementation layers. The goal is to make sense of the set of puzzle pieces without getting lost.

Udo Schneider, IoT Security Evangelist Europe, Trend Micro 
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  • Luogo:
  • Data evento:
    2021-10-28 10:00:00
  • Orari:
    Dalle 10 alle 14.45
  • Organizzatore:
    Trend Micro
  • Sito Web:

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